Posted by: Moshe Mikanovsky | October 1, 2009

News from Moshe – Interview and Art Show

Even with the limited time I have to spend on developing my art business, I can already see how making few connections and reaching out is actually working. Here is some of my recent exciting news:
First, I made a new online friend, the very talented Jennifer Goode. I love her doodles and designs, and the way she is building here business, having several sites selling her artwork, such as etsy, ImageKind, and Greeting Card Universe. Since I mentioned her in my blog about MA5X4 project and Art Licensing, we chatted a few times, and Jen asked to interview me for her blog. I was extremely honored with the request. The interview was published today. Here is what Jen has to say about me:
“Moshe and I connected via Twitter and through an art licensing networking group we both belong to. His signature style is combining organic shape with measured line (squares) while incorporating a fabulous flow of color. It amazes me that he has such a talent for creating beautiful art while his main occupation is software programmer and technology manager… a rare skill set to create both art and technology.  I predict he experience grand success with his art career!”
Thank you Jen for the kind words!
You can read the entire interview here.
Talit, Acrylic on canvas, 20''x24'', 2008

Talit, Acrylic on canvas, 20''x24'', 2008

The second good news is that one of my paintings was accepted into a juried art show next week. York Region (north of Toronto) is organizing a new Arts Council. Their inaugural event, The Chairman’s Dinner for the Arts in York Region, will take place next Wednesday, October 7th. It will feature about 45 visual artists that live and work in the region, as well as several performance artists, including singers-songwriters Randy Bachman and Justin Hines.

I didn’t even know about this opportunity until I connected with and became a member of the Israeli Group of Artists in Toronto. The group’s president is Shaked Kaplan, a very talented potter and clay artist. Other than organizing and leading the group, Shaked also send us regular notifications about art opportunities locally, nationality and internationally. I missed the deadline for this show, but then I got another note from Shaked that the deadline was extended! So I decided to try it out, and at the end, Talit, one of the paintings I submitted, was accepted.

Talitis an Acrylics painting created last year. I was trying to explore lights and shadows and creating a fabric image with an object not usually depicted by other artists. Using the Talit on daily basis in morning prayers, it was just natural for me to use it. I actually plan one day to explore this subject matter even further, but again, all in time.

Lastly, I was very excited earlier this week when EmptyEasel decided to publish an article I submitted last week about 2 great examples of social networking success for online artists. Since it was published I already connected with couple of the Twitter 140 group of artists. You can read it in my blog and also on EmptyEasel.

Last word – believing in one self and following your passion is so incredible! If you like what I am doing, and would like to hear more about it, please subscribe to my blog, or send me a note here requesting to be added to my distribution list. You can also be part of it by sending your friends a note about my blog or my website.

Thank you for reading, and like always, I would love to hear from you.





  1. My beloved brother,

    When was the last time I told you how much I love your work?
    Mazal tov for showing TALIT at the art show.

    keep doing wonderful things’


  2. […] first diversion was more networking I did, an interview I gave, and an art show my painting was juried into. The second diversion, which actually took much more of my time, was setting up my Zazzle […]

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