Buy my art

Where to buy the art:


1. Art on my portfolio site– All art seen on site is available for purchasing, unless otherwise indicated (sold or NSF – Not For Sale). Prices will be available shortly online. For now, please contact me for pricing.

2. Commissions– Moshe is accepting commission work for Portraits (such as Bar/Bat Mitzva) , Ketubahs, house portraits, and more. Please contact me for more details.

3. My Zazzle store – Customized products featuring my art. Many products available, ranging from Greeting Cards, US post stamps, magnets, coffee mugs, aprons, and much more! Visit it today at*


Zazzle Flash Panel

Zazzle Flash Panel

4. Ketubahs – custom Giclee prints – Please visit KetubahKetubah where you can custom order any of my Ketubah designs with your prefered size, text, and more.



5. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto Tribute Cards – Visit the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto websites and Order online the tribute cards for the holidays. Amongst them are some of my designs.



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